If you cannot start your day without a cup of joe, you are not alone. In fact, many countries have increased their coffee consumption with Finland leading the statistics at 12 kg per person per year. From October 2017 to October 2018, studies from International Coffee Organization has also shown that the world coffee exports have increased by up to 17%. Clearly, coffee is becoming an important daily drink worldwide.

These statistics beg some questions such as where did coffee come from, who first invented it, and why do we roll off Italian words when ordering this drink? In case you’re interested to know more about coffee, this article can be of great help. Read on to find out more about it.

Coffee has long been a part of Italy’s culture. In the 16th century, this country was among the first European ports to ever import coffee beans. This has helped them emerge as a global leader when it comes to coffee production. In 1901, Milanese inventor Luigi Bezzera had an idea of forcing pressurized water through a coffee powder to create a short and concentrated drink. This has eventually become known as the espresso. Years after, espresso machines made their way to American bars, opening more opportunities for them to be known for being a good source of coffee products.

While Italians were the first importers of coffee, they are not the first drinkers. It only became popular in the 1950s when most Italians started consuming coffee at home. They have also made different types of coffee including the following:

Caffè – an Italian word for coffee. They also use caffé to order espresso, which is the most common type of coffee. This type of drink has a single shot of caffeine.

Caffè lungo – lungo means long in Italian. This drink is perfect for those who are looking for a traditional filtered coffee and espresso. It comes with more water as compared to espresso. The water used is hot and is added at the end of the process.

Caffè ristretto – this coffee type is similar to espresso but contains less water. As a result, the coffee has a more concentrated flavor.

Cappuccino – cappuccino is one of the most popular Italian coffee drinks. It comes with 125ml of steamy milk and 25ml of coffee. However, Italians usually prefer to have this coffee in the morning because it goes well with Cornetto, or their version of French croissant. This only shows how serious Italians are when it comes to coffee, which leads us to our next topic…

Italians Take Their Coffee Seriously

If there’s any country in the world which takes coffee seriously, it’s Italy. In fact, they are so very particular about their coffee that it took Starbucks (an American coffee company) 47 years before they could open a store in this country.

Here’s how they take their coffee on a daily basis:

They start their morning with a cappuccino or Espresso for breakfast. It is followed by a cup or two of caffè (or caffè macchiato) to serve as an afternoon pick-me-up. Lastly, they also take an espresso decaffeinated  shot after dinner.

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