Before the advent of railways, all the time was local. Noon was simply when the sun positions
itself overhead wherever you were, this is called solar time. People used to set their clocks and
pocket watches looking at the position of the sun. However, time differences between distant
locations were barely noticeable because of lack of long-distance communication. What time is
it mountain standard? Yes, there are instances; some locations were observed Mountain
Standard Time while others are on daylight savings time. Sir Sandford Fleming introduced
system of worldwide time zones that we still adopt it today.
He proposed that the world be divided into 24 time zones, each 15 degree wide of longitude
apart. He came to this idea because Earth completes a rotation every 24 hours and there is 360
degree of longitude, so each hour Earth rotates 1/24 th of a circle or 15 degree. Well, the
Greenwich meridian was adopted as prime meridian for timekeeping and longitude. Computer
included possible local times based on the various time zones. They usually work on Co-
ordinated Universal time (UTC). Email Systems and other messaging services include UTC time
zone, allowing the receiving program to display the message’s date and time of sending in
participant’s local time.
Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
Greenwich Mean Time refers to a solar time at observatory across Greenwich London, which is
adopted as a global time standard. Co-ordinated Universal Time is arranged in such a way that
it runs 0.9 seconds fast or slow of Greenwich Mean Time. The term Greenwich Mean Time is
connected with Arab countries and United Kingdom. It is commonly used in Malaysia, Pakistan,
India, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia and many other countries in Eastern hemisphere.
Greenwich Mean Time is same as that of Universal Time.
Coordinated Universal Time
UTC is a standard time, which the world regulates time and clock. It is considered as a successor
of Greenwich Mean Time. It is accurate with its precision.
Daylight Saving Time
Daylight saving time is generally advancing clocks during summer months. User of DST adjust
their clocks one hour forward near the start of spring and again adjust them backward in the
autumn to normal or regular time.
Hope the blog has given you valuable information about the importance of time zones,
Greenwich Mean Time, Coordinated universal time and summer time. Stay connected with us
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